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Want to make foreign exchange transactions right from your travel agency, but don’t know how? Easy. Join BEXS and have the convenience of customized exchange products, competitive rates every day, plus exclusive advantages. Just fill out the form below and await contact from our expert brokers. Or if you prefer call 0800 702 5399

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Submission of documents is not mandatory to complete the registration


  • Copy of the Organization Documents of the company and, in case there has been any updating, also enclose a copy of the latest amendment
  • Copy of document certifying the company’s address (Certificate issued by competent authority or bill issued by a public utility company)
  • Copy of latest registered Balance Sheet, if required, concerning the period ended not later than eighteen (18) months
  • List of banks with which the company operates and maintains a Checking Account
  • Autograph card with notarized signature of the representatives of the company authorized to sign Exchange Contracts
  • Certified copy of power(s) of attorney, if applicable

BEXS - Corretora e Soluções em Comércio Exterior
SÃO PAULO - Head Office
Vila Olímpia • ZIP 04547-006
Phone Number: +55 (11) 27125300
Vila Olímpia - SP - Brazil
( fim de São Paulo - Matriz )
  • BEXS Customer Service: 0300 777 2397
  • BEXS Ombudsman: call 0800 777 2397 or click here
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